Saturday, April 27, 2013

Up 5 pounds in two weeks!

Pumpkin is doing better than ever!  She's drinking the 2150 calories daily, along with some food each day.  She doesn't have much appetite for anything else, but she's gained 3 lbs a week ago, then 2 lbs this week.  In one week she grew .75 inches as well.  This put her up to the 50% for height and she is now actually on the growth chart for weight (still about 2% :) ).  At the doctor's office, she did not have any abdominal pain, which is the first time that I can ever remember.  Her gas has improved, too, since we took Peptide out the the drinks.  Currently she is drinking 4 cans Ensure Plus mixed with 3 cans Peptamen Junior.  She can't drink either of the formulas plain, but mixed together seems to do the trick!

Pumpkin loves to have fun!  Here she is dressing like a ninja!

My panda-angel maker!

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  1. That is just such a great thing to hear. I'm so glad she is doing well. I pray she continues gaining weight and feeling better.