Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random pics of Pumpkin with her NG tube

In the safety of her own home, no holds barred!
Pumpkin gets her haircut short.  She looks super cute, but this creates a problem for a tall, thin, young lady with Crohns:  other kids mistake her for a boy...  She overheard one girl say to another at a store that she thought "the boy over there (refering to her) was cute..."  Pumpkin told me she thought, "THEY BETTER NOT BE TALKING ABOUT ME!"
Notice the great artwork in this pic and the first one!  All her originals.  She made the earrings too.
The beginning of Pumpkin's Ensure can castle

It even has a draw bridge with a working pulley system!


  1. I love the smile, so sweet and what a great way to use up those cans. :)

  2. How are things going for Pumpkin these days? Loved the castle!