Sunday, April 7, 2013

NG tube pulled

Friday night Pumpkin pulled her NG tube (nasty process).  She is now tubeless and doing well!  8 cans she'll have to drink to keep up, but she's done it two days now.

Friday we started some table foods - liquids anyway.  She had a glass of apple juice - probably not the smartest.  It gave her diarrhea (just a little) and made her already foul gas worse, but it wasn't a long-time problem.

Saturday she got some beef broth made from organic beef bouillon.  This was her first warm, salty food in over 2 months.  She said it tasted like "liquid steak" and she rated it "hugely good" or something like that.  No side effects!  Double thumbs up!

I think today we may move to strained vegetables or potatoes.  We'll steer clear of the fruits, lactose or gluten yet.

Foul gas is our problem right now.  Not sure if it is from the Peptide or from the Peptamen with Prebio.  We'll eliminate the Peptide first and see how it goes.  The stinky gas started before the Ensure or other foods.  We'll also consider probiotics, perhaps water kefir, after that if necessary.

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  1. So glad that it's going so well. Glad she is slowly starting to eat some foods. I hope she continues to go well.