Friday, March 1, 2013

Sore throat

We took Pumpkin to the doctor on Wednesday for her sore throat.  It seemed to be more than just an irritating tube.  The doc thought she might be getting a virus, and that made sense.  She took a culture swab of her throat.  Yesterday I took Pumpkin and her older sister to get haircuts.  It was good for Pumpkin to get out of the house.  Her haircut looks super cute.

Today she was having a lot of melt downs related to schoolwork she didn't want to have, having a tube and just not having a good day.

After lunch Pumpkins pediatrician called to tell us that the throat swab came back positive for Group A strep.  Since we're trying to build up her gut flora with the EEN, we opted to give her a shot of bicillin in lieu of oral antibiotics.  Although she is only 72 lbs, she had to have the full adult dose.  This was not music to her ears when I had to call Tim and Pumpkin and tell them.  She had been getting better without the antibiotic, but I think she may be a chronic carrier.  Maybe this will stop the viscious cycle.  Three MAs came into her exam room to give her the shots.  One half of the dose for each leg.  The third MA didn't end up being needed.  Pumpkin said it hurt a lot though.  :(


  1. Oh, that is so sad. I do hope those shots help and that she feels better soon. Hopefully she'll have a nice relaxed weekend and next week will be better. :)

  2. Hi Carolin my names Carolyn too and I have a son Josh who was dignosed with Crohns disease two years ago when he was just was a bolt out of the blue we knew something was not right but many visits to a confused g,p, who thought maybe annorexia? eventually referred to local hospital then 1 month later to childrens specialist gastro hospital they did colonoscopy(too late though bowel was so bad it perforated during scope)emergency surgery to repair perf(laproscopic) then onto inflixmab and azathioprine and ng tube feeds...five weeks in hospital home (April2011) then Aug 2011 obstruction back in for 5 days til it cleared naturally(came upwards!)told surgery was imminent (sept 15th 2011)right hemicolectomy and reconnect(no stoma)...the waiting was awful..within days Josh was a new man(infliximab stopped) wanted to go straight back to school had his ng tube for 11 months got used to it!!!went to school after 7 months off...better and better passed all his exams started living again happiness returned i have my lovely boy back(10cms taller!!! and 40kgs heavier)17 months of total remission ..last week had third annual colonoscopy showed 5 bleeding ulcers where surgery was was a shock as no symptoms...back onto infliximab have second treatment on fri Josh still happy (out now with his friends for pizza and to see a band!!)you would not know anything was wrong with him!! he has a weekend job and catching up at school his happiness is now all that matters!love him so much he's a star!!! I still get anxious(especially last week after that scope!) though I am able to calm down and not panic like I did when it first happened....I had a melt down and 6 months off work to look after him! You have to live one day at a time and not sweat the little things! We are only given what we can cope with! hard to believe at times! It will get easier for both of you I found the upset and depressed child in pain the most difficult aspect as you don't immagine you can't ever make it better do you? with the improved health and nutrition came the happy boy that i had lost,they are just so afraid and do not know how to handle it trust me it will get better

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I appreciate your comments. It is hard. I wish I could see into the future. Things are a little better right now, but it is like being on the open sea - one wave follows another and when you aren't riding them you feel like you are about to drown in them.