Saturday, March 30, 2013

Surgery schedule pushed back

Due to the fact that the pediatric surgeon is on vacation, the MICkey button isn't going to happen this week after all.  It has been pushed back to 4-10-13.  I think this will help us get used to the idea.  In the meantime Pumpkin is trying other formulas (Peptide in 2 flavors) to see if she can drink them.  If she can and she tolerates them, we'll put off the surgery to what time she can't do it orally.  I think she needs this process to see for herself that she needs the surgery.  Personally I wish we could stay on EEN for at least another month, and this will actually give her at least another week to try the formulas before food is added to the picture.  She is over her flu and is not having any GI symptoms right now except stinky gas!  Lol!  (I'm not sure what that is about - maybe the Prebio in her Peptamen Junior, which we've been doing a little more than before since the medical equipment company couldn't get it before).

I'm frustrated with lack of a solid plan for reintroducing solids into her diet.  Our dietician is used to doing this for allergy kids, but not Crohn's kids.  Our GI doc said it would be okay to start with steak and potatoes, but our dietician said, "NO! Please don't do that!"  Ugh!  Now I don't have a plan.  Still researching that.  I'll have to search Cincy and Canadian children's hospital websites for recommendations...

By the way, Pumpkin has had two more doses of 6MP with NO SIDE EFFECTS!  Yahoo!  Also no reaction to her vaccines other than a little soreness either!  :)


  1. So glad to hear of the good things, no issues with the vaccines and such. I hope that you'll be able to have the surgery soon. Steak and potatoes sound kind of harsh too, after not eating anything for so long. Though I do hear that lots of protein helps with healing, not sure if it's the same with Crohen's. Maybe something lighter than steak?

  2. Did you ever look into the fruit/veggie smoothies from NutriBullet? Lots of people with GI issues swear by them...also autoimmune people....just curious.