Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First checkup on EEN

Pumpkin had a rough night and had difficulty getting to sleep. She is a little depressed and tired. School isn't getting done adequately and we had a talk about this last night and this morning, which I think upset her. Today we woke her up and brought her to the doctor for her first week checkup. She has gained 1 lb 6 oz. That is even with 2 of the days being less than 7 cans.

We are getting the nutritionist involved more with adjusting her caloric needs and fluid needs. She is having more stools, and they are not formed. Yesterday she had more GI upset and more frequent stools, but not really pain.

It is so hard seeing her down, and I know it is my hypervigilance, but I can't help being pulled down with her. I've sent her home with her daddy with the recommendation to get the diffuser going with her favorite oils to perk her up while she is doing school. I hope it helps.

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  1. I hope the diffuser works. It's great that she is gaining weight. I hope the nutritionist finds some things that work for her.