Saturday, January 28, 2017

Good week, started Keppra

Pumpkin had a fairly good week.  She was able to get back into doing school and her belly improved and her throat was better.  She had a full on seizure one day only.  On Wednesday we went to Iowa City again and she saw the psychologist again.  They are working on her sleep issues which is challenging her to stay out of her bed all day.  She spends more time with the family, but still spends time in her room on the floor beside her bed. 

On Wednesday she saw a new peds neurologist which was also at U of I.  He listened well and I thought he heard our story well.  He recommended that she go back to the first medication she ever tried, that she failed when she was 4 due to horrible side effects.  He said that this med rarely has these effects in kids older than 12.  So far she has done well on the lowest dose and is actually eating more!  This morning she ate a full breakfast, which I haven't seen happen for years!  She usually doesn't want to eat until after noon.  Moods seem pretty good too.

We have gotten the results of the scopes and biopsies.  They were pretty normal except for some esophageal inflammation.  We are still waiting on the results of the video endoscopy.  If this is also normal, I will push her PCP to pursue endometriosis diagnosis and treatment.

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