Monday, December 26, 2016

Iowa City GI first appointment

Dec 20 we went to Iowa City and saw a new GI.  She was very nice and the 2 hour drive was pretty much all highway.  She seemed concerned and interested, but felt that Pumpkin was too complicated for her.  She will send a referral for her to see a psychologist there, to see a geneticist for ED syndrome, but said there is a year's waiting list for this, and she will gather all Pumpkin's previous records from Alaska and Park Ridge and will give them to her head pediatric GI to review and then they will decide what needs to happen.  Now it has been a week and still no word from any of those referrals or GI docs.  Grump!

Last night Pumpkin was hurting pretty bad and I took her to the ER.  Since it was Christmas evening, the doctor wouldn't call the ultrasound techs because he didn't think her worsening pain was an emergency.  He gave her a couple of Tylenol #3 and finally after 3 hours let us go home.  Why it took 3 hours?  Don't ask me.  Pumpkin said she woke up feeling good but once she got up and moving around her pain returned.  Her weight has dropped further to 114 lbs (11 lbs down now...).  She is getting depressed again.

I wish someone would take an interest in her and figure out how to help her!

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