Tuesday, November 3, 2015

So sick, GI doc taking forever!

Pumpkin finished her Flagyl/metronidazole with no improvement.  Two weeks ago on October 20 she had an appt in the Chicago area with her GI.  She was down to 102 or 103 lbs already.  On the way she had to stop 3-4 times to use the toilet.  The next two days she had fevers and severe diarrhea and abdominal pain.  Her joints were terribly inflamed.  She has improved since then to the point that she has gone to school 4 of her 6 school days, but usually comes home and goes right to bed.  She has had blood in her stools, but now she says her diarrhea is like pure mucus.  To me it looked like baby poo. She has had constant diarrhea whether she eats or not, and usually she doesn't eat.  Yesterday her only intake was a cup of rice milk and some toast.  Today she's just had Gatorade (1.5 glasses by 1:15pm.)  Her GI wants to start her on Remicade or Humira, but she's running into some obstacles that she's yet to tell me.  I am waiting for a call back from her. I've called 10-23, 10-27, 10-30 and today...

This morning she had another seizure.  I don't think she'd had another since 10-8.  At least not that I witnessed.  She finally saw a neurologist on 10-29.  She is starting her back on Lamictal.  So far she's taken 25 mg/day.  Today she is getting an MRI of her brain at The Princeton hospital.

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