Thursday, January 28, 2016

January News

Pumpkin is finally off of prednisone. She has been doing very well GI wise with pain mostly being during her monthly flow.  She is having mostly soft stools.  She has been maintaining her weight at 116 lbs.  We're very pleased with this.

This week she got that bad sore throat with fevers up to 101.  She now has a painful face and lots of snot to go with it.  Of course we are doing our best to stay away from antibiotics.  She did get a strep screen that was negative.  She hasn't been able to eat for a couple days, but was taking Ensure and milkshakes.  Last night the sore throat let up and she ate a couple bowls of chili and a bunch of other stuff!  I'm hoping that she doesn't lose too much weight over it.

We are still waiting to get her referral from the geneticist in Park Ridge to see about her hypermobility syndrome.  Twice they told me that it was in the process.  It is so frustrating that it isn't happening.