Tuesday, December 24, 2013



Pumpkin as Ginny Weasley, Dad as Lucius Malfoy, and Little Brother as Harry Potter
 I haven't been very good at keeping this up.  Sorry, friends.

Pumpkin has had a rough couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago she was so stressed out about her upcoming tonsillectomy that she couldn't eat, then she had the tonsillectomy, and now she is still having pain trying to recover.  She wants to eat but is so afraid of her throat hurting that she doesn't eat much.  I keep thinking to myself that she will be fine once she gets over this.  She says food doesn't taste like it should :( also.  She lost 2 lbs before even having the surgery, and we aren't pushing the formulas right now because she is so sick of them.  We are letter her recover in the same manner as her 2 siblings, who also just had their tonsils out.  In some ways she is doing better than her brother who had his out on the same day, so I feel reassured about that.  After 2-3 weeks, we'll start looking at the eating issues again, hopefully she'll bounce back like the other two are expected to...

On January 10, she will be seeing a psychologist to help deal with her anxiety and see if we can make some headway through the whole psychological part of eating.  I just wonder whether it is physical or psychological, but even if it is all physical, she has a lot of anxiety about living with chronic disease...  It can't hurt.  Right?

P.S. CheapBohemian and Sibol, I'd be happy to correspond with you, but I don't know how to go about that.

Recent stat summary:
*Currently age 14, Crohn's diagnosis 1-2013 - age 13.
*EEN finished 4-5-13, gained 20 lbs and did great until she got strep throat and a virus in 7-2013 and lost 7.5 lbs.  Back to 90 lbs 10-8-13, up to 94.8 lbs 11-2013!
*Prednisone 40 mg daily starting 9-14-13 done 10-11-13
*6mp 50 mg daily
*Vitamin D3 1000 IU daily
*Zinc gluconate 50 mg 4 days a week
*Supplemental EN (1500 cal/day) - was drinking about 1750 calories a day until about 12-15-2013, this has come to a halt while she recovers from her tonsillectomy...  She's currently getting a break from it as she is burnt out on it...  weight was 92.4 the day of her tonsillectomy and we're a week out now.  Hopefully she'll heal quickly and start eating normally again...