Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Status

Stained glass pumpkin by Pumpkin

With the lights off
Pumpkin has finally started eating again and having less pain after her tonsillectomy that was done on the 18th.  She couldn't get enough popsicles last evening while watching a movie together, but only ate half of her supper prior to the movie.  She said it didn't taste good.  This is a common complaint - I think it is part of the picture, but not sure what to make of it.  After eating she later had reflux symptoms and needed tums, which has happened a couple days in a row...  :(
I am glad for the increased appetite, but was hoping for much more after 2 weeks of rest...  she's down to 89 lbs :(  but has only lost 3 since the tonsillectomy as she was 92.6 on the day of the tonsillectomy.  She still has a little throat pain.


After (hers are the two on bottom!)
 Interestingly, the ENT yesterday said that of the 3 kids' pathologies on their tonsils, Pumpkin's tonsils were the only that showed ongoing chronic infection...  she was not symptomatic and I was wondering whether to even go through with the tonsillectomy at the time, but now glad I did.  She had that squirrely problem creep up too many times this year!

Ice fishing with dad before the tonsillectomy