Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Update

I am looking back and seeing that it has been two months since my last update.  Pumpkin is doing awesome.  She no longer has the NG tube.  She is drinking a mixture of Ensure Plus 50/50 with Peptamen Junior - about 1800 calories a day and eating regular food.  She has gained 16+ pounds since January!  She is actually up to the bottom of the growth chart and is not looking like she just came out of a concentration camp!  In April or May she started 6MP and for the first time she has had a normal fecal calprotectin level.

This summer Pumpkin has been spreading her wings and getting outside of her comfort zone.  She had swimming lessons in May and passed to level 4.  Hopefully she'll do more swimming after camp.  She went to drama camp and in spite of her original reservations she took on a pretty big part in a play and did very well with it.  She is playing soccer with the Boys and Girls Club.  She is also in the process of getting braces on. 

Right now she is at Camp Oasis, where she had to fly to Seattle with a chaperone for a week.  It has been stretching for Tim and I to let her go away so far and to not have contact with her for a week.  I think it might be harder on us than it is on her!  I heard a good report today that she is doing well and having fun.